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tHe miGHty, migHTy worLDforGEr's pRonOUnCemENts

Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voll mit Aalen

Knight of the Lesser Boulevards
22 March 1963
I run with scissors, talk to strangers, and tend to bounce like Tigger when enthused. I am bipolar, creative, and friendly. I once changed continents for a girl. My thoughts frequently get so scattered that they end up running off to form playgroups to which I am not invited. Hang on; I've got to take my Adderol.

I've been, a soldier, a singer, a columnist, a web designer, a game designer, a waiter, a construction worker, a disc jockey, a phone jockey, a webmonkey, a voice actor for an RPG, and a burden on society. At this time, I am hard at a creative writing major in the honors program while I work on my first couple of novels.
I embrace my inner geek. If you love me you can buy me stuff.

I play and sing on a highly irregular basis at a local tea house (they want me to do it more often, but I need to find a new co-guitarist).

I maintain lawrencedoesart, a community for all past, present, future and honorary Lawrencians who are interested in producing and/or promoting and/or experiencing anything that can in any way be defined as art. I also maintain geeksarehot, a community for all those who find geekness sexy.

I'm into RPGs and too many other things to list below.

Oh, yes--Strunk and White's Elements of Style is available to read online, although it is missing the final chapter, An Approach to Style. If you have "writing" in your list of interests and have not or do not immediately go read this when made aware of it, I will point and laugh at your silly poser ass and proceed to make public fun of you.

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
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Trading Cards
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User Number: 399855
Date Created:2001-11-23
Number of Posts: 135

tHe miGHty, MigHTy wOrlDForgER is mighty. Really, really mighty. Honest. We wouldn't kid you about that. And we're not talking about his sweat socks, although those can be pretty mighty in and of themselves.
Strengths: Whatever he sets his mind to. Except math. Math is evil. Only people of the highest moral fiber should be allowed to do math.
Weaknesses: Math. Math bad. Hulk smash math.
Special Skills: Multiverse creation and development. Also mind control and brainwashing abilities that help him run his army of radio-controlled bi-poly teenage love-slaves.
Weapons: He IS a weapon. And can use almost anything else as a weapon, including pink fuzzy slippers and tapioca pudding. Also his massive army of radio-controlled and brainwashed bi-poly teenage love-slaves.
Secrets: We'd tell you, but these secrets are so secret that even the miGHty, MigHTy wORldForGeR himself doesn't know them. You don't have the clearance. Access denied.

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